Miss Korea 2014 Original Soundtrack

Miss Korea 2013

Now this was a lovely drama, full of emotions and charming situations, of course melo is always present in this style of stories but at least for me I couldn’t help but to enjoy it from beginning to end.

Luckily for us this OST was not only wonderful but also memorable unlike others I’ve been reviewing lately. There are fun, cute and adorable songs that will make you remember every scene like a photograph.

My Favourites: Moonlight by Onew, New World by Every Single Day and Hero by J-Min.

Miss Korea OST Track List

  1. Moonlight by Onew
  2. Take My Hands by Every Single Day.
  3. Hero by J-Min.
  4. New World by Every Single Day.
  5. It Happens by Dalmoon.
  6. Heartbreaker by Kim Ba Da feat. Every Single Day.
  7. Street of Angels by Every Single Day.

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